Worker’s Compensation, Safety, and Risk Management


Workers compensation insurance rates are skyrocketing nationally. We will assist you in keeping your workplace safe and compliant with regulations which will help to control workers insurance premiums and your risks of penalties.


A safe company is an efficient and profitable company. Remember “Safety Pays”.


Our safety and risk management professionals will help your company by providing the following services:


Loss Prevention and Worksite Visits


Our Risk Management Team gives employers a proactive edge to manage losses, giving back the control to you. If you bid jobs, a good safety record will allow you to be even more competitive. Our Safety Specialists will make regular worksite safety visits, provide you with recommendations for safety and assist you in providing training to your employees.


Risk Assessment


Through Risk Assessment, our Safety Specialists will evaluate your worksite for potential hazards, OSHA violations, processes, procedures and practices. Our Safety Specialists will prepare a report of their findings during each visit. They will also make recommendations for activities to minimize the cost of occupational injuries and potential for regulatory violations.


Posting and Reporting Requirements


Atlas Resources will make sure your company is in compliance by determining what your companies posting requirements are and provide you with the standard required posters. We also assist in the preparation of OSHA annual reports (OSHA 300, 300A logs) for our clients.


Safety Programs


The Safety & Risk Management department prepares a written safety program tailored to your specific business and every employee will receive a copy of that program. One size does not fit all. We customize our safety programs to meet your needs. The following are just some of the programs we have for our clients.


  • Employee Injury and Illness Prevention (IIP) Program (Safety Manual)
  • Construction Programs
  • Retail Programs
  • Specialty Programs for Employers as required by OSHA
  • Other programs are available


Workers Compensation Insurance Assistance


Our safety and risk management staff receives injury reports and workers compensation claims and processes them with our insurance carrier. We make sure that injured employees get the help that they need and we work directly with claims adjusters to help the process go as smooth as possible. In relationship to injuries we provide many services including (but not limited to):


  • Claims processing and assistance
  • Early return to work program planning to reduce claim costs
  • Accident/Injury investigations
  • Future accident prevention activities
  • Workers compensation fraud reporting and investigations
  • Regular claim review with adjusters
  • Claim cost containment activities


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