Why make a career out of your company’s payroll administration when you could be focused instead on building your core business? Let Atlas Resources manage the myriad intricacies of payroll, employment taxes, deductions and check processing so you can get back to the business of growing your business.


  • Process payroll on a weekly, biweekly, monthly or semimonthly basis
  • Prepare and distribute paychecks
  • Prepare and file applicable federal, state and local tax returns
  • Process federal and state withholding payments
  • Process FICA, FUTA, SUTA and other employer taxes and make tax deposits in a timely manner
  • W-2 and W-3 processing
  • Monitor federal, state and local legislative changes and implement associated procedures
  • Answer payroll questions
  • Allocation of borrowed employee wages
  • Direct deposit processing
  • Process garnishments
  • Process benefits and other deductions
  • Maintain employee files
  • Positive pay file transmission
  • Maintain employee benefit accruals for vacation and sick time
  • Perform third party employment verifications
  • Census reporting
  • Online payroll interface
  • Certified payrolls
  • Perpare customized payroll reports based on the client's needs
  • Tax credit assistance:
    • The Work Opportunity Tax Credit (WOTC)
    • The Welfare-to-Work Tax Credit
    • State and Local Tax Incentives
    • Other State Credits:
      • Enterprise Zones
      • Hiring / Job Creation Credits



Online Payroll Processing and Reporting Services - Through our portal, you have access to a multitude of payroll processing functions including timesheets, reports and invoice information.


Integrated Time and Attendance - Atlas Resources collaborates with major time clock system vendors, ensuring efficient communication of payroll data and payroll processing.


Tax Filing and Administration - Our payroll outsourcing services ensures accurate and timely filing of all employee and employer taxes.


Garnishments - Atlas Resources ensures complete processing of child support, garnishments, and IRS levies.


Verifications - Atlas Resources' payroll outsourcing services accepts the burden of all income verifications, i.e. mortgages, garnishments, etc.


New Hire Processing - Our payroll service supports new hire processing, as well as support for group orientation and hiring.


Direct Deposits - Atlas Resources payroll outsourcing services include direct deposit payments with "paperless" payroll options.


Deduction Processing - Our payroll processing services offers coordinated benefits and specialized deduction processing.


W2 and W3 Reporting and Filing - All year end reporting requirements are the responsibility of Atlas Resources.


Job Reporting - Atlas Resources payroll outsourcing provides support for complex job and project coding.


PTO Administration - Our payroll processing ensure automated PTO accrual, deduction, and reporting.


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