At Atlas Resources we understand the challenges you face as a business owner can be overwhelming. The roles you take on as operator, employer, planner and business developer can consume all of your resources and time. If your focus is not clear every step of the way your business suffers. Like most companies, managing employer responsibilities such as Payroll, Taxes, Workers Compensation, Employee Benefit Programs and HR compliance is like a stroll through a mine field. One wrong step and it could be a fatal blow to your business. In fact studies show that most businesses that fail, fail because of their inability to manage their employer related task. Nothing impacts your personal financial security like the burden placed on you as an employer. 

Over 50,000 businesses across the United States now utilize professional employer organizations to effectively manage their most important assets - their employees!

That number is growing every day, as more business owners see the advantage of utilizing the services of Atlas Resources.


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